Providing Electrical Needs From One Business To Another

Our electricians at E-TEC Inc. are extensively trained with years of experience in commercial electrical needs. Serving Warrenton, VA, Prince William County & Fairfax County and all of Northern, VA, we are able to handle any business-related project and provide for your commercial needs so that you are able to start up your business.


With a growing need for a more collaborative process in the construction industry, E-TEC Inc. is able to provide pre-construction services to assist developers, owners, architects, engineers and general contractors from start to finish.

We are able to provide budgeting during the design process and identify any potential value engineering recommendations.


E-TEC Inc. provides 3D modeling and coordination of projects utilizing some of our latest software.

We create accurate 3D models of the project's electrical systems using AutoCAD MEP based on contract documents and actual equipment data.

From there, the model is then coordinated with models from all other trades with the architectural and structural elements of the project, utilizing clash detection software such as NavisWorks Manage.

We also provide assistance to the design modeling process, working closely with the electrical engineers of the project to assist them in the constructability of their design.

Our skilled team has experience with all types of projects, regardless of the conditions.


A distinct advantage of using E-TEC Inc. is our in-house planning department and fabrication facilities.

Delivery of coordinated drawings and prefab materials aid in helping to improve the contract schedule and critical path work activities.

The controlled environment and schedule time savings of prefab allows us to create the assemblies and products in a more productive way, which in turn shortens the installation time in the field.


For the past 25 years, E-TEC has served the D.C. area with exceptional electrical construction and electrical services. This includes new construction, renovation, electrical design/build, and design/assist.
We are a diversified project management and construction organization serving both government and commercial customers in office building projects, apartments, condominiums, hotels, healthcare facilities, and data centers.
We are experts at executing large complex projects with difficult schedules and project management constraints.
A sampling of our electrical capabilities:

  • Preconstruction Services and Budgeting Value Engineering
  • Project Management Cost Controls
  • BIM Design with Autodesk Software
  • Feasibility Review
  • Project Scheduling
  • Electrical Design Development
  • Power Distribution Planning
  • Generator and Controls
  • UPS and Controls
  • Load Shed planning
  • Sequence Operational Power Controls
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Lighting Design and Control
  • Project Commission
  • Quality Control

Fire Systems

E-TEC is certified and experience in all types of Fire Alarm Systems. Our technicians specialize in these systems and undergo constant training in the advancements of the industry and certification in the proper installation and maintenance procedures.
Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • New Construction
  • Tenant Fit-Out
  • Retrofit Existing Systems
  • Testing and Maintenance Programs


Electronic commerce has developed a tremendous need for switch sites and central offices. Our reputation in the telecommunications central office niche is based upon proven DC power wiring systems and telecom services experience.

We are adept at synchronizing the vast array of components involved in completing any size central office data communications project.

The most important part of any network, large or small, is the cabling. From twisted pair copper to fiber optics, our technicians are constantly trained and manufacturer certified on the latest products and installation requirements.

Complete testing and documentation services are provided as well.

Lighting Controls

There is an ever-growing expansion in home lighting. Flipping switches is growing more and more obsolete due to the innovations involving remote control lighting and programmed lighting systems. Modern lighting control systems allow for customization, promotion of safety, easy and convenient usage, and conservation of energy.

It takes an expert electrician to install these kind of high-tech, high-quality lighting control systems. We at E-TEC can do exactly that as offer this service and strive to get the best results for designing, planning, and customizing electrical components for these systems.

Leed Energy Management

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, also known as LEED, is the green building standard formulated and managed by the United Stated Green Building Council (USGBC). New buildings with LEED certification are more sustainable while maintaining or increasing the overall comfort of a building and its occupants. This in turn increases productivity all while conserving energy.

Energy use is important to the LEED system which is where we come in. If you want to be more sustainable and save money on your electric bill, our electricians at E-TEC are more than capable of providing that. We can provide a solution that pays for itself in overall savings. We can meet with you to tailor a plan to make your building more energy efficient.

Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems are the centralized and automatic controls for heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, security and other systems in buildings. These types of systems are on the rise and as building automation systems (BAS) become more common, electricians who can work with them are needed to install, repair and maintain these systems. An electrician qualified to work with BAS has specialized skills.

For us at E-TEC, our electricians specialize in providing accurate, detailed BAS systems for commercial buildings. We articulate plans for these systems and are able to install and maintain these systems without issue.