Excellent Company Highly Recommend. Easy to work with. Ontime, courteous and fair.

Updated Review: In the time since I posted the review below, we have been fortunate to work again twice with Chris and the team at E-Tec. They recently installed three crystal chandeliers into our home and they are working flawlessly. The installation for one of the chandeliers wasn't easy - 20 ft. ceiling - but Chris and Steven handled it without problems. The other repair was to remove the ballast in an older exterior light so I could use LED bulbs. E-Tec is great! I highly recommend them.

Prior Review: We had some squirrels get into our attic. In addition to damaging the insulation, they also chewed on some of the wires. When we arrange for an insulation company to come and remove the old insulation and replace it, we arranged for a one day gap for E-Tec to come and inspect all of the wires in the attic while all of the insulation was gone. We are so glad we did. Not only did Chris locate and replace multiple areas where the squirrels had chewed the wires, he also discovered live wires that had been left uncapped by the previous owners' contractors. E-Tec helped reduce the risk of fire and electrocution in our home and was worth every penny. We are now working with them on exterior and pool lighting. I highly recommend them.

D. K.

I had a variety of work done today and I'm very pleased with this company. From the initial contact, getting an estimate and getting the work done, everyone I spoke to was thorough and prompt with replies. The electrician who came out quickly resolved all of my issues and cleaned up after himself fully. To top it off, they were also one of the cheaper quotes I got. I'll be a repeat customer.

G. G.